A man from Canada created a hotel on a tree

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We all know that a hotel or a hotel is an ordinary house with rooms. However, people who want something unusual and new, as well as real travelers with campfire and guitar tents will definitely want to spend the night in an unusual hotel on the east coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia. The hotel is called Free Spirit Spheres (if you try to translate this name, you get something like the Sphere of the free spirit, we reserve the right to an exact translation to each of you)  Indeed, Tom did not intend to open a hotel in his ideas. He wanted to do exactly housing. And he sells such houses under the order.  The main idea of ​​such housing, mobility and safety for nature. You can place your home in any place suitable for you, but at least right by the sea or on a large tree.

Moreover, if you place a tree house according to the technology developed by Tom, then when you want to “move” and remove the house from the tree, no traces will remain on the tree and you will not cause any damage to the tree either. The new name “Melody” was received for a reason. The creators position it not only as a place for recreation of tourists, but also as a place for inspiration for writers, artists and other artists. Agree to write music and poems twice as pleasant in the fairy forest of British Columbia than in the stone jungle?

The cost of living in the “Airin” area is 1 night for one or 2 people 299% 5% tax (extra bed for a person weighing no more than 75kg 50) 2 nights and more than 495 5% tax each subsequent night 260 (extra bed for a person weighing no more than 75kg 50) The third area in the hotel, the most popular. It is called “Melody” (Melody) It is made of fiberglass. It has identical dimensions as the “Erin”, but the interior sphere is radically different from the previous two. Exterior it is also different from the other two. It is painted in bright yellow color and decorated with a picture. Not far from each sphere there is a quite comfortable bathroom, so guests will not have to worry about anything. This is one of the first areas in the hotel made from wood Tom.

The diameter of the sphere is 9 feet (1.8 m) and has 2 round windows with a diameter of 44 inches each. In the house you are waiting for a cozy single bed, but the house can shelter a couple of people, the main thing is that they fit the maximum height and weight. Maximum load not more than 137 kg (guest or couple and personal items) To get into the sphere, you will need to go through the suspension bridge, and then the stairs on the tree. The interior of the “Melody” is like a home bedroom. By the way, a folding bed and if you need a table for dinner, fold the bed into the wall.