As a resident of Canada, I managed to make a million!

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Eight-year-old Canadian Ryan Ross managed to raise his fortune to nearly a million! It all began with a daily fifteen-dollar profit, when the boy was barely three years old! A schoolboy living near Toronto owns as many as four companies! Ryan started his business from a farm: caring for 60 hens, he received about a dozen eggs from them, which he successfully sold for 3 apiece. Thus, he earned about fifteen dollars every day! After some time, the boy visited the idea to change the business and start mowing the lawn, earning 20 per hour. Ryan himself could not cope with the lawn mower, and he decided to hire older guys for this purpose, paying them fifteen dollars for each hour of work. Imagine?

“He managed to earn five dollars an hour without doing anything!” Admires the mother of a Canadian businessman, Savannah Ross. A similar situation occurred in his next business. We were engaged in watering lawns. So, Ryan took two hundred dollars from each client, and the worker who did all the work for him received a hundred from him. Later, a small entrepreneur began to invest in real estate, and now he is the owner of six buildings that are located in British Columbia and Ontario. For his family, Ryan bought two sports fields: basketball and hockey, and for himself 4000 books. Today, he has about 900 thousand dollars at his disposal!

Now his main dream is to acquire two hockey teams of the NHL in order to play in the League. But he still doesn’t have a cell phone parents don’t allow it. Who among us sometimes does not think about what happiness is? People are amazing creatures: they manage to find positive moments even where it would seem absolutely impossible to find them. It’s simple! After all, it often happens that “a stormy wave of bad weather throws us on the shore of happiness.” People walking through life with such thoughts attract happiness to themselves, like a magnet!

No wonder that a huge number of people living in the world (about 90%) believe that, despite various economic problems, diseases and wars, life is beautiful and will become even better in the coming years! In order to check whether the mood of the inhabitants of the planet is really so optimistic, sociologists from the University of Kansas and the company Gallup conducted a special test. The survey results clearly showed that our people are desperate and hopeless optimists! Yes! And no weather, bad weather and war can affect their attitude to life. We all strive for the best and it is beautiful!