Canada’s First Lady Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

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In the Canadians section, we have a real beauty today, a mother of three children and, concurrently, the wife of Acting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trude-Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau Who was Sophie before meeting Justin Trudeau? Sophie Gregoire was born on April 24, 1975 in Montreal (Province of Quebec, Canada). Father is a broker, mother is a nurse. She studied at the boarding house “du Saint-nome-de-Marie” in Utremont, Montreal. She studied at the faculty of commerce at McGill University, intending to follow in her father’s footsteps and then transferred to the University of Montreal and graduated from it, receiving a bachelor’s degree in public relations She believes that her “childhood was happy,” notes that she was a good student, easily converged with people and loved sports. From about 17 years old she struggled with bulimia, recovered, in particular, with the help of yoga.

Sophie began her career as an assistant at the reception and secretary of the head of an advertising firm. At the same time, worked as a model. After 3 years, when she was already a manager, she went to study at a radio and television school, after which she got a job at the editorial office, where she wrote news tickers (marquee) for announcers.

Later, the future first lady of Canada worked as a reporter at the new television station LCN in Quebec, a number of other television stations. In 2005–2010, she worked at the CTV Television Network as a reporter for Quebec, covering issues of culture, art and cinema, show business. Daily broadcasts to Radio-Canada.

Fluent in French (native language), English and Spanish, in 2012 she received a certificate of yoga teacher. He likes extreme sports, plays the flute and guitar. She is engaged in philanthropy, works in the non-profit organization “The Shield of Athena”, which deals with women’s issues, in particular, the problems of victims of domestic violence; works actively in organizations fighting bulimia; for charitable purposes goes to Africa. Sophie, like her husband, is a great speaker. Before marriage, Sophie and Justin had known each other since childhood and were friends, more precisely Sophie was friends and studied in the same class with Justin’s younger brother Michel Trudeau. In 2003, Sophie and Justin met adults at a charity evening, and Sophie was co-host of the evening with Justin. A few months later, the couple began to meet, and in October 2004 they were engaged. And on May 28, 2005, they were married, the wedding ceremony was held in Montreal’s Sainte-Madeleine d’Outremont Church. Now, the first lady tries to accompany her spouse to the celebrations and business meetings. And she does it with taste, her appearance delights the majority of women in the country and her outfits are discussed in all local fashion magazines.